The UK Premiere of the multi-award winning Jago – a Life Underwater is on Thursday 25th May at 9pm on BBC Four. Now available on the BBC’s iPlayer

The score was composed and produced by William Goodchild.

Jago – a Life Underwater documents the life of Rohani, an 80-year-old hunter who dives like a fish on a single breath, descending to great depths for several minutes. Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Togian Islands in Indonesia where Rohani grew up, the film recreates events that capture the extraordinary turning points in his life, as a hunter and a man.

An Underdog Films Production in association with James Morgan Films, Fantomline Pictures and Vistaar Productions, Jago was Produced, Directed and Written by James Reed.

William’s score for Jago: a Life Underwater features performances by cellist Kwesi Edman, vocalists Joanna Swan and Emily Wilmott, percussionist David Oliver and guitarist Nick Pullin. Jago – A Life Underwater has won and been nominated for many awards – all the more remarkable considering its truly independent status. Financed solely by the Director’s credit card, the crew set about recording Rohani’s story and created a stunning film in only 300 shots.

William discusses his score for Jago – and the subject of composing for wildlife film – in an interview with Tom Service for BBC Radio 3’s Music Matters, to be broadcast on 10th June.



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Please take a listen to these tracks by William Goodchild, our featured composer. If you would like to hear or see more of William’s work, please get in touch and we can create a bespoke audio or DVD showreel for you. You can also visit William’s own website to view an extensive selection of his numerous credits.



Featured Composer: William Goodchild

WilliamGoodchild2BWWilliam composes and produces scores for a wide range of productions – from film, television and radio to concert works and multimedia installations. He has over fifty scores to his name, for major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, PBS, National Geographic International and Animal Planet.

As an orchestrator and conductor, William has worked with the BBC Concert Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Bristol Ensemble and Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra.  He has undertaken numerous projects for the BBC with a variety of composers, helping to create award-winning scores. William’s orchestral expertise can be heard throughout his own music, often combined with contemporary elements, to create breath-taking, original scores.

William’s most recent credits include Africa’s Fishing Leopards (Icon Films) for BBC Natural World, The Man Who Turned into a Sofa (a BBC Radio 4 Drama), Ultimate Honey Badger for National Geographic International and the adventure documentary Get Rich or Die Mining (RDF Television).

The versatile nature of William’s music is evident in his score for the BBC Natural World production Jungle Gremlins of Java (Winner of Best Wildlife Documentary at the 2013 RTS Awards). The score was also used for a new Washington Ballet dance production, devised by choreographer Andile Ndlovu, with recent performances in Washington DC.

William’s talent for working alongside filmmakers to patiently create the right score often results in repeat commissions. He is currently scoring the second series of Icon Films’Africa’s Giant Killers, for the BBC Natural World strand. William is also working onGorongosa – a major six-part African series, produced by Off The Fence for PBS and National Geographic International.

You can listen to audio samples of Williams’s latest work on our Watch and Listen page. If you would like us to create a bespoke audio or DVD showreel for you and your production, please get in touch.

Visit William’s website at www.williamgoodchild.com


“Will has worked with me as the composer for four major series and several one-offs of Natural History films for National Geographic, and every time it’s been a pleasure. Not only does he produce an endless stream of beautiful original music, he also has a deep understanding of the needs of film, appreciating the process and demands of editing, and working to enhance the finished product. He works wonderfully in a team, being both receptive to ideas and patient with the mechanics and changes of editorial heart… I very much hope I shall be able to work with him again and can’t recommend him too highly.”
Amanda Theunissen – Executive Producer, National Geographic International



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